Ghostface Kilobyte - Fitter Happier

So, an 8-bit version of Radiohead’s OK Robot popped on my feed recently, and it’s quite good you should go listen to it. I enjoyed it a lot, but was displeased by their version of Fitter Happier. It’s more glitch than 8-bit and it just feels mangled. 

Ghostface Kilobyte is/was the 8-bit alias of Andrew Huang, although it appears he has meticulously downplayed that fact. Or people just have bad memories, I dunno. Either way, this version of Fitter Happier is much better, and really captures the song in an interesting way.



by Goro Fujita

I stumbled upon his work on one of the art tumblr’s I follow and I am blown away by his talent. Fujita was born in Japan and was raised in Germany, where he graduated from film school. He’s worked on both Megamind and Madagascar for Dreamworks and has done a lot of work on his own. 

His lighting and colors are brilliant and reflect the style of artwork that I aspire to have someday. From one simple image you get the essence of an entirely different world. Even though the things he draws are not “realistic” they exist soundly inside of the artwork.

I am going to be engrossed in his drawings and tutorials all morning.

His Gallery | Website | Blogspot | Facebook


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